Cosmetic periodontal procedures are available that can help you accomplish the look and smile you’ve always wanted.  A few examples where cosmetic periodontics can improve your appearance are:

  • Minimizing a gummy smile or making an uneven gumline more symmetrical.
  • Long teeth/exposed roots from receding gums which can have a variety of causes such as periodontal disease or abrasion from over brushing. Soft-tissue grafting and other root coverage procedures are designed to reduce the risk of further gum recession and cover the exposed area.
  • Indentations in the gum and jawbone can occur where a tooth was lost. This occurs because the bone which used to support the tooth root was either lost during the extraction or the wall of the socket collapsed during the healing phase, creating a defect. Fortunately, this defect can be repaired with a procedure called ridge augmentation.

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