Gum Disease

This silent and often symptom less disease is a chronic bacterial infection that breaks the bond between the teeth and supporting gums, and advances deeper into the supporting bone structure. If left untreated, the jawbone can deteriorate, leading to tooth loss. The latest research shows a connection between the mouth and body, which makes patients with gum disease more susceptible to health issues such as heart attack, stroke, and memory loss. Gum disease should be taken seriously; your overall health depends on it!

Traditional scalpels and sutures flaps used in periodontal surgery can sometimes make patients feel uneasy. With laser periodontal therapy, patients now have a more comfortable alternative to traditional gum surgery. Potentially, no cutting or suturing is required during laser therapy resulting in fewer visits and a shorter recovery time.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Because we use a dental laser instead of a scalpel to treat the periodontal infection, bleeding is minimal during the procedure. Lasers also cauterize as they treat, creating a blood clot that speeds up the healing process and allows you to avoid stitches. Laser therapy regenerates and reconnects the gum tissue surrounding the tooth, closing deep pockets caused by gum disease and promoting a strong bond between teeth and gums. A conservative procedure, laser periodontal therapy enables us to treat gum disease with pin point accuracy, sparing healthy tissue.

Restore and Maintain Your Dental Health and Confidence.

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